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Here's the newest drop - with limited quantities of each item. 

(These items drop September 25, and popular styles/sizes will sell out quickly). 

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To get the items you want - here's what you need to know

Timing Counts

Inventory is LIVE at 1:30pm EST on Friday, and popular styles/sizes may sell out quickly. So know what you want or talk to your stylist so you can be ready to jump before it's gone.

You Need a Stylist

In order to shop, you need to LOG IN. Your stylist has a personalized link that will prompt you to create log-in credentials and then you can shop online or on the Savvi Live app.

Fun Comes First

Savvi is FUN. Shopping is FUN. Shopping for Savvi is EXTRA fun. We're in pre-launch and that comes with hiccups, but we'll always make it right, and we'll always have fun helping you feel awesome.

Click any Pic for Photos and More Info - These all drop September 25. And ask your stylist about any surprise items that might drop also!

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The only thing you'll need to do is LOG IN. Ask your stylist for their custom link if you've never logged in.

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