How Weird are you Willing to Be?

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2020
Weird by definition is not normal. It's the "other", the "outsider", in some cases the "outcast". There's the concept of the group, the herd, the "in-crowd", and the ones that don't fit within that concept are weird. And often not accepted.
We've developed this social herd mentality over millennia. We affirm and protect those that conform, and we disregard or mock the ones that don't.
The funny thing is, success falls into the definition of weird also. Success is not ordinary- it's EXTRAordinary. Success is not the rule, it's the exception to the rule. It's "exceptional". But there's a reason the crowd accepts successful people - they admire their accomplishments. Successful people may not be normal, or average, or conform to the rest of the group's expectations, but their excellence is admired and respected.
In fact, while the security of the herd is certainly comforting, most would trade that security and step out from its confines to have success. They would quickly trade their boring, average, and ordinary existence for an excitingly and refreshingly different one - if it were successful.
However, while successful people can stand confidently apart from the herd with their banner of success waving behind them - in order to get to that place they had to be willing to walk away and stand there before that banner was ever raised. It's easy to be willing to trade the herd FOR success, but would you trade the herd to PURSUE success?
See, successful people caught a vision for something more! They decided to turn their back on the herd, step out into uncharted territory and plant their flag - boldly declaring their new vision. The herd doesn't like when people do this. And so they make their noise:
"Who are you to think you'll be successful like them?"
"Do you really have what it takes?"
"Why would anyone give YOU a shot?"
"What do you even know about success?"
"You'll never amount to anything!"
Inevitably the noise of the crowd often echoes the self-doubt we feel deep down in our bones. We cling to the flag we planted, but are we crazy? Will we really succeed? Is the herd right? And we step forward, ignoring the noise and the obstacles...but for how long? A week? A month? 6 months? A year? Until when? When is the point you give up, pack up the flag, and walk back into the fold of the herd?
I often relate this to my desire to have cool-guy hair. You know the kind of hair that hangs down long like a surfer, and the guy combs it over with a cool hard part shaved in one side and all the girls like him and he looks super-hot in a slim-fitting suit? You know...THAT guy! I always wanted to have hair like that, but my hair doesn't do that. It grows out and up - not like a cool afro either, more like a fluffy helmet (or a chia pet). And so I grow it out, hoping that eventually the weight of it will pull down and it'll look cool. But, the awkward stage is hard. The awkward stage is the pursuit before the achievement. It's the stepping away from the herd with an idea that hasn't come to fruition yet. It's being weird without the banner of success justifying your position.
My wife says it looks bad. I know it looks bad. It'd be WAY easier to just cut it off and give up the dream. I mean, how do I know that it even will eventually hang down like the cool guys and look good anyway?
This is your journey to success. You have to want something. You have to step out. You have to be willing to look awkward and hear ALL the noise from the crowd while never breaking your pace moving forward. Is it hard? YES! Is it worth it? YES!
"What do you mean you're going to join a MLM? Isn't that a pyramid scheme?" Hold your flag!
"You're going to be one of those people?" Hold your flag!
"No one is going to listen to what you have to say!" Hold your flag!
Most people are willing to trade the herd FOR success, but they're not willing to trade the herd to PURSUE success. The irony is that you'll never achieve what you don't pursue. Get out. Get weird. Kick ass!
And if you withstand the noise and achieve your goal - the herd will accept you once again. Because they admire achievement.

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