Are You Out on a Limb?

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2020
Do you know the definition of that phrase: Out on a limb? Here it is:
"in or into a dangerous or uncompromising position, where one is not joined or supported by anyone else; vulnerable."
If you read the  last blog post that equated success with weirdness - you remember that the pursuit of something great requires that you separate from the average and ordinary.
When you do this, it will be uncomfortable for your community of friends and family - because honestly, they love you as you are. They don't want you to change and become someone different. Literally, how many yearbook signings do you have that say something along the lines of "don't change."? So you're faced with the choice of remaining as you are to appease them, or to move boldly forward for yourself.
They might love you just as you are and where you are - but do you? Didn't you join Savvi because you're tired of drifting and floating through life and you're ready to intentionally pursue something more!? When you declare to your community that you're ready for something new and you're going to go after it with everything you have - they will likely not support you. And their lack of support isn't coming from a place of hatred or malice, or ill-will; it's coming from a place of their own insecurity.
See, they're likely tired of floating through life also, but they haven't accepted the responsibility that they have any control over it. It's easy to accept things that we have no control over. When you stand up and rock the boat, and take back control of your life - it shines a light on their inaction. It makes them wonder if they DO have control, if they COULD make a change, if they are responsible after all!
The ramifications of responsibility can be overwhelming - and most people would rather turn a blind eye and keep on pretending that their circumstances are more powerful than they are. They're going to want you to fail. Again, not because they don't like you - but because your success would be the death blow to the convenient lie they've accepted for so long. If you go on to achieve great things, they're going to be left behind thinking, "CRAP! I could have (or should have) done that!". If you just stay put, then you all just drift together, and ignorance is bliss.
When you step out on a limb to pursue a better life, you'll often be rejected. You'll feel alone. You'll wonder if you're crazy. And you'll have one single question to answer:
If the people I know reject what I'm doing, I will.... (there are 3 potential answers to that question)
1. Press on, because this offers potential for me and my family to move ahead, and they will accept me down the road as they respect my unwavering commitment.
2. Back off some, and only half-heartedly pursue my dream as kind of a hobby. If I don't seem to take it too seriously, then they won't judge me for being obsessed.
3. Quit altogether, and return to the fold of sheep.
I've seen people answer this question each of these 3 ways, but there's only one answer for successful people. Which is YOUR answer?

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