Savvi is a premium athleisure wear lifestyle company - and Team Rise is the fastest growing team of Brand Partners marketing the Savvi brand.


Why Savvi?

Product Demand

Fitness is in - and athleisure wear is even more in. Whether women are working out or lounging at home watching Netflix - they're in leggings, sports bras, and cute tops. If you're going to sell something - it helps to sell stuff people want.

Ground Floor

Savvi is months old - not years! The Brand Partners who get in now have the opportunity to build an organization and sales team that will truly open up options for their families and create amazing opportunities. If you're going to build a business - it helps to build one with room to grow!

Proven Systems

There is no reinventing the wheel. There is no wondering what to do to grow a business. All the systems and processes are built out so you can start sharing about Savvi, inviting people to learn more, and get moving without wondering how.

It's Just Fun!

Feeling confident is fun! Wearing cute clothes is fun! Sharing about cute clothes is fun! Being excited is fun! Making extra money is fun! 

It's Just Simple!

No ingredients or formulations to learn. No scientific studies to memorize. It's just cute clothes! Customers aren't waiting to see if products "work" - it's just cute clothes.

And it's Exciting!

Here's a 2 minute video:


Team Rise Takes All This to the Next Level

Our "10 Commitments" are what separate us from every team in Direct Selling. Great products and great business don't mean much without great CULTURE.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are ONE SIMPLE CHOICE that makes up the cost:

  • Good ($249)
    • Valued over $450
    • $150 Shopping Credit to be used within 30 days
    • Exclusive Savvi Swag (hat, water bottle, Savvi Top)
    • Two $25 off share codes for first time customer orders
  • Better ($500)
    • Valued over $1000
    • $500 Shopping Credit to be used within 30 days
    • Exclusive Savvi Swag
    • Eight $25 off Share Codes
  • Best ($1000)
    • Valued over $2000
    • $1100 Shopping Credit to be used within 30 days
    • Savvi Swag
    • Twenty $25 off Share Codes

*All of these options waive the $99 annual tech fee.


Your website is included for the year, and you're not required to make any purchases.

If you WANT to purchase clothes, you can shop whenever you want, and you'll always get 25% off.

OR you can subscribe to the monthly Style Box.

With a $99/month Subscription, you get:

  1. $110 in shopping credit
  2. Four $25 off Share Codes
  3. Exclusive product offerings & early access to some drops

Savvi is “Lululemon” quality. Top of the line. Best of the best.

Our design team is the best in the business with years of experience in fashion and is committed to sustainability and fair trade.

Savvi fits true to size. Every size is built on a real human model, rather than one model that the clothes are sized up or sized down based off of.

We do recommend that if customers are between sizes that they size up, especially with high compression pieces.

Similar to many boutique companies, customers and Brand Partners have 2 weeks from the date they receive an item to return the item in original condition to Savvi for credit or exchange.

Every Friday Savvi "drops" all new items in limited quantities and when they sell out, they sell out!

They reveal these items on Tuesdays for Brand Partners - and then they go LIVE on Fridays to show off the items before the inventory updates online.

This is why if you go to mid-week, you may see sparse inventory.

When we officially launch (September 2021), we will have a core line of items that are always available in all the sizes while continuing the Friday Drop model to test fun colors and new styles.

Customers LOG IN (either on the app or when they're going to check out online) and if they're a NEW customer, all they'll need is their Brand Partner's "referral code".

YES! Brand partners shop at 25% off retail pricing.

NO! All products are drop shipped directly to your customers. You only buy what you genuinely want to wear yourself or give to friends!

That it’s simple! Brand Partners earn 25% on their personal retail sales.

Generational pay scales up to 7% on your first 4 generations and 3% on generations 5-7.

And there are a number of available bonuses.

An entire library of STEP BY STEP processes that you can plug into on DAY 1 that you can access just by LOGGING IN to this website.

But not all teams are created equal! And only Team Rise Brand Partners have access to this site. 

Ask the Brand Partner who referred you here if they're part of Team Rise.

Also a weekly Team Zoom Meeting.

Our goal is that you NEVER wonder what you should be doing to grow your business. Whether you do it or not - that's up to you.

  1. Go to - we have 3 lines: FIT, EVERYDAY, and LUXE.
  2. Follow Savvi Corporate on Instagram. (@SavviLifestyleCo)
  3. Check out the Pixieset Website with all the details of past and upcoming drops, including pics, and care details.
  4. Check out Savvi Lifestyle Co. on Facebook

We'd LOVE to give you more info!

Just Click This Link.

Are You Ready for Simple, Fun, & Exciting?

All you need to enroll is your sponsor's REFERRAL CODE.

"I've never seen anything like Savvi. In this industry duplication is everything - and the simplicity of sharing cute clothes makes this so easy to duplicate."

Jim L.
Business Coach - Virginia

"I love the Savvi brand because it represents community and gives women of all backgrounds and sizes the ability to feel good in the skin they are in. For me, it’s all about being inclusive."

Tenisha B.
HR Business Partner - North Carolina

"Savvi is so much more than a business. It’s a community of people that root for each other and lift each other up."

Laurie J.
Teacher - Nebraska

"I’ve tried all the athletic brands and finally found one I love because it combines functionality with style beautifully, and makes me feel my best whether I’m hiking, climbing, instructing, working out, or out with my husband!"

Nicole C.
Pilates Instructor - Colorado

"Savvi is hands down the BEST THING to come out of 2020!!! The energy and positivity it has brought to my life in just a short 6 weeks is incredible! It also doesn’t hurt that EVERYONE who puts on these clothes wants in."

Sarah D.
Labor & Delivery RN - Texas

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